Sunday, April 07, 2013

Diary Excerpts

March 28th
The smell of grandma’s newly laundered curtains reminded me of home, and what have used to, and of childhood days long gone but never to forget. That night, I stood at the very same spot that we’ve, once, sat upon. Every single thing has changed, even the hand that I hold, but the stars didn't  
Blue. Yellow. Orange. White. And I thought of grandpa.

March 30th
My heart was singing. We sailed on a wide sea with our little wooden boat. I pretended to be a captain, but only in my mind, and felt less smaller and more brave. Sometimes the waves went on too big and excited and splashed us on the face, but I didn’t mind. I’m sure it was just saying hello, and that ‘you are here, with me, now’. 
Also met: a starfish, a shy water snake, some tiny jellyfishes, and something with many thorns. I almost convinced myself that I was one too, you know, the way it wanted to protect itself from others, so me! 

April 11th, around 7
Saw a shooting star but was too mesmerized to make a wish. You held me too close and every thing was magic.


  1. Lovely words as always...It's fascinating how scents can bring us back to a particular time so suddenly. Lucky you to have seen a shooting star! I've always wished to see one. :) Blessings to you this spring. <3 <3

  2. You articulate so beautifully what often goes on in my mind that I can't explain x

  3. Hi, dear Haze! Long time no see ^^
    I don't know if you remember me, I'm T., I used to write a blog called Fragile Diaries. I'm glad to see you and your adorable diary again! x

  4. Seeing into a diary is very much like seeing glimpses into the soul.

    All the love to you my delicate and beautiful flower, you are so fantastical and loved xxx

  5. Your words are magic. Always. :)

  6. You make ordinary things special. :)

  7. haze, thank you for showing me that one can still look at the world this way.
    love, always,


  8. So long as they're in our hearts, they haven't really left us.

    Ah, the stars. If it's clear tonight I'm going to look at them and send wishes to you. Can you see Orion and Scorpio?

    Love you so much Haze. Have missed you like a lung <3

  9. Beautiful writing. I like your March 30th entry the best. I miss the sea more than anything right now.

  10. Omg you finally got to watch a vlog? :D Yay! Gah I hope you could understand the mumbly kiwi word-slurring >.< Our accent is a total bitch of a thing D:


  11. I always try to protect myself from others but it just can't be done. Why is that?


  12. haze, it has been a long time... are you ok?
    i hope you are

    1. i will be, my love.

      p.s. i can't enter to your blog darling.

  13. P.S.

    I so glad you liked the pegasus. I'll post it again when it's done :)

    I miss you Haze. Please come back soon *huggles*

  14. Cheer up! everything is gonna be alright :)


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.