Sunday, July 29, 2012

Reality doesn't bother me anymore. Life. Pressure. Dreams. Gravity. Air. Magic. 
I'm just sitting, right here, waiting for something wonderful to happen. 
Don't rush - my motto for this year. It will all happen anyway.


  1. you will forever be in my heart, becky ♥

  2. What a perfect motto! Something I'd like to adopt for myself as well <3

    "It will all happen anyway"~ so true.

  3. My motto for the year seems to be "Shit happens" >.< I like yours a bit better. All things happen in time.

    Thank you for the song, it was very relaxing :) I've been listening to too much Enya and Salmonella Dub.

    Love you AND your ways so much <3

  4. P.S.
    You got it! Ragequit=Get so angry at (A game) you quit.

    My ex once got so angry while playing World of Warcraft he ragequit and then punched his computer desk so hard he cracked his knuckles. I completely understand why he got so mad, because it was the last day of the halloween event and he'd been killing this boss three times a day trying to get a special halloween-themed piece of gear, and it FINALLY dropped on the LAST day and some other guy came along and grabbed it before he could. Rage, Quit!

    Love love love you <3

  5. if we sit it out and wait.. will it really come?.. will it really turn out as we hope it would?... I feel I've been waiting for "it" to happen for too long now.. it's ok not to rush.. but.. I just hope we don't end up most of our lives waiting instead of going after "it"..
    take care girl... I love the fact you're deeply in touch with your emotions


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.