Friday, January 06, 2012

for eternity

My letters start being real
the moment you read them.
without you,
it's just a collection of words
scribbled & painted.
holding no meaning. Useless.
I fear that someday
some of them will quietly fade away
be forgotten
alongside those emotions
that were once and will always
be a part of my existence.
But you, your beautiful soul,
promised eternity.
And I, with all my heart,
promises the same.

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I've been spending too much time with myself and feeling happy about it. If it's only because of the weather, then I would gladly press my heart on it for awhile and maybe a little longer. For this moment may be gone tomorrow, but the memory of it will be tattooed on my skin forever.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Smell the flowers, sweet things. 
We all deserve to be happy.


  1. Yay happiness!!!! Now you're talking, my girl! Now you're talking! ;)

  2. I love this post Haze and I am indeed glad you are happy. You deserve that happiness-we all deserve it. Have a wonderful year Haze. Hope to see you in person. If you're not busy meet tayo in person..:))

  3. Of One Heart, and so are you! Thanks for always reminding me, love. I just couldn't thank you enough.

    Pearl, How are you ganda? Ngayon palang lumalamig dito sa Pinas. Nung December di masyado. Write to me. I lost your e-mail add na eh. Hope you are well and stay beautiful ♥

  4. OMG THE CURSOR DROPS SPARKLES! (I'm not going to do anything else but make sparkles and giggle for about 5mins XD)

    Haze, that's not a randrop - it's blue mana! Blue mana is water-based magic, sneaky magical ninjas who look at your proposed move and say 'Oh yeah, bitch? Well counter, counter, counter, and oh yeah - COUNTER and ATTACK.'

    You must learn how to play Magic The Gathering so we can play together :D Then i can straighten your hair so you look like Kikyo :p

    GAH now I don't know what to get first, fire hoop or tattoo. HELP! Did you see the post about my first one? It was about 2 years ago.

    If you pick up the crochet hook again I'll send you some special yarn to make stuff with. My own handspun :D Right now I'm making a light blue yarn with bits of green&red&orange&yellow in it. Very fun!

    I hope you're having a good day. Go out for coffee with a friend and stop in a flower shop to smell some pretty flowers.

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH! xoxo

  5. Dearest Haze,
    the cursor is amazing. Yet another thing that made me smile. So did your post. I love seeing your happy words!


  6. Amen to that, pretty. :) My 'Me time' never fails to make me happy.

    And to your feelings towards that someone, <3 :)

    Stay happy! and Happy 2012!

  7. What a stunning post!
    You always seem to bring a smile to my face. :)
    I will be sure to remember your words throughout the smell the sweet things and enjoy this life.

  8. Having a "Me" time really helps us a lot and would definitely makes us happy and I am glad that "Me" time never failed to make you happy.

    You're right we all deserve to be happy and for some reasons, I think I started this year right and I am hoping the enthusiasm would be for like eternity.

    Have a great day!

    And before I forgot, I'm in Munti_ _ _ _ _ . I'm just a ride away from you.

    Stay happy and positive. More <3 for you.

  9. Peridot Haha! You liked the sparkles too?!! I've seen a sight before that gives free cursor codes, there are ones that blows bubbles, glitters, and now I couldn't find the site. :'(

    HAHA! It DOES LOOK LIKE A RAINDROP! HAHA. How could you embarrass me in my own blog Peri. I thought you were my friend. (Joke) HAHAHA. Anyhow, I'd still choose that blue mana. I want counter attacks too. (eh?)

    What's that? Is that an online game? Na-uh. My computer is a mess. It will only get me crazy-er. :D And hair iron is my best friend too. But that thing gives me split ends (and my mom told me I'll be bald if I didn't stop it. Hehe. She's funny. and adorable.)

    You should get a tattoo first, peri. :) I want one too but am too afraid to try out. Plus, soulmate will kill me (unless it's on my butt with his name on it, he'd be perfectly joyful) haha. I didn't see the post, you should post the pictures again. I want to seeeeee :D

    oh my gosh, you are tempting me to crochet again. Maybe I'll try it again. Haha. I want to do some head bands and pouches!!


    Meg I've missed you terribly! I'm so glad to be reading you again. You, being on my blog, makes me feel I'm with an old friend. Makes me feel at home again. I love you!

    Miss `Chievous Couldn't agree more. Stay beautiful :)

    Jade Thank you for making my day, Jade :) You're one of my inspirations to smile.

    Sey Hehe. I can't remember the last time I did this.

    Yes, January means new beginning. I'm happy for you, Sey. As for me, I'm just hoping for things to stay this way (a little longer, just a little longer).

    Wahh! Ang lapit mo lang!!! Sayang naman... Pag may chance, kita tayo ha!

    More love for you too :) Thank you :)

  10. oh diba and bilis kong bumalik. I subscribed to your comments kaya mabilis kong nabasa ang reply mo. hehehe, it went straight to my inbox.

    Sure, I would love to meet you, pag time kita tayo. super lapit lang nating dalawa.

    More love for you again :) and stay happy.

  11. P.S. your cursor made me giggle like a child. it's dropping sparkles like stars. I love it. Dito muna ako tambay and enjoy the droplets.

  12. Sey Haha. Sayang nga eh, di ko talaga makita yung napuntahan kong free cursors dati.. May mga nagbo-blow ng bubbles. :(

    Oo, 25pesos lang ang papuntang Festi. Pag may trabaho na ko dalawin kita. Nyeh. Hehehe.

  13. hay sige se Festi tayo. 8 pesos lang pamasahe ko. hehehe. I'm amazed sa distance nating dalawa, cause all along I thought you were somewhere in Manila.

  14. best post in a long long time!! :D :D :D you need to always write like this, h. because it's so pretty when you do and when you don't, it's a crying shame.

    *biiiiig hug*

    p.s.: again, i think it's a pretty template but i did like the previous one better. i felt it suited the name&overall theme of moon lore better.

    p.p.s.: yessss, the iphone 4s!! :D :D :D and I really need a job now with all the expenses i keep building up. keep your fingers crossed for me i hear good news this week! xoxox

  15. You beautiful girl! This post makes me happy. And a little wistful for some reason. Your letter is so gorgeous. And today is two minutes from being over, but I shall definitely take your thoughts to heart tomorrow - I shall make time to feel the sun and smell every lovely thing I can get my hands on, hehe. ♥

  16. Sey :) Basta promise pag may chance. Pero di ko alam kung kelan. Hehehe :)

    Sgrmse. Your comment made me smile, you sweet, sweet dove! I'm happy you liked it. I couldn't agree more, writing. I feel I've been freed from a very long dream.

    BIG hug!!!

    Hehe. Thank you :) You know me, darling. My theme depends on my mood. And right now, I'm kinda liking the pink touches and soft images of this blog. (makes me feel a little more feminine. hehe) When I tire of this, I'll go back to the blue one :) :) :)

    I'm jealous! OMG!!! Haha. Finger crossed for you. Gudlurx!

    Melee My heart brightens every time you hit that little comment button, thank you. I'm sorry it made you a little sad.
    This post is just a reminder to myself that beauty shouldn't be ignored and so I decided to appreciate more. :)

  17. hello dear.. I'm glad you're happy. I hope everything is okay with you. Btw. I love your new template.. may mga falling churva.. hehe.. parang fairy dust.. ganda.. parang ikaw.. mwah..

  18. Your blog is so beautiful! How are people making this blogs so snazzy nowadays? Also, thank you for adding me on that constellation tab. It made my heart flutter like a newborn bird. :)

  19. I love you, and your words.


  20. Just came across your blog, I must say every little thing on it fits me so well. I love your lay-out and your poetry and the pictures you use.
    Outer space is very very lovely, and the mythology on your blog is great. Stay awesome(:

  21. Your new blog design is STUNNING; please stop changing it! This is perfect. In every way.

    You're right, we all deserve happiness, thank you for such a sweet and beautiful post. Your poem is truly beautiful. I wish for a love that I can write letters to, one day. x

  22. Mayen hello! Oo, nakaka-adik paglaruan ang cursor no? Hehe. I could spend the whole hour just moving the pointer. I'm perfectly happy, Mayen, salamat :)

    les jeune fille à les oiseaux Of course, how could I not list you, you are a star. I adore you.

    Tywo I love you too.

    Nicky Hello and welcome, lovely. I'm happy you liked my blog. Visiting you now ;)

    B Hehe. You make me smile. Yes, I know, I've been changing lay-out a lot lately. I kinda like this one the most, hope it would be the last. Thank you, B.. Your comments means everything.

    You will find it, someday, love. When that time comes, I hope to see you happy :)

  23. I've missed reading your words so much since I've been away (well, alright, I was actually just busy for the most part, haha). <3 Your poem is really beautiful; I always wonder if my letters won't reach the people they're meant for, too.


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.