Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm getting closer to the world I knew. Where everything is simple, easy. Where emotions turn into songs, where tears fade because of friends, of love, of wonderful things. And at night, when you cry yourself to sleep, curled into bed, regressing, repressing, suppressing, and wake up in the morning feeling so alive again.

I hear the wind whisper:
You've done enough.
You've done beautifully, my friend.

I smile and wait for the world's tomorrow.


  1. You are so wonderful, Haze, my dear. I wish you the very best for the New Year. Your writing touches a soft spot in everyone's heart. xxx

  2. Happy New Year, haze! I also love that morning feeling you describe so beautifully here. Best wishes, dear friend. :)

  3. Ah, what a beautiful end to the old year. And a magnificent start to the new year. x

  4. happy new year, beautiful

  5. Happy New Year, beautiful Haze !
    I wish you the best for 2012. <3

  6. This is the perfect New Years post. I really wish that 2012 will be lovely for you. x

  7. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*♥¨*•. ¸¸
    Hi Haze, I'm dropping by random blogs to pass on my well-wishes. Happy New Year, I hope 2012 brings all you hope for and deserve!

    ~ Barry
    ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ ♪♫•*♥¨*•. ¸¸

  8. I adore the loveliness and hope of these words, haze. You are so beautiful.

    I hope 2012 is full of blessings for you! ♥

  9. A grace filled New Year to you and your family Haze.. mwah

  10. I hope you finally get to that simple, easy world. I wish you a happy 2012.

  11. Haze, I am in love with 60% of this post. I know it will multiply. Wishing you love, beauty, peace, happiness, laughter, success and the perfect family bliss you seek!

  12. happy new year sweetheart!!!! i wish you so much love and happiness <3 you deserve the moon and stars!!

    love, jamie

  13. this post gave me the tingles! LOVE LOVE LOVE what you've done with the place, gorgeous! you are SO GOOD at this css thing. my goshhh.

    happy new year, star. promise me you'll (try to) keep shining! ;D

    big big ♥

  14. My dearest Haze. I did get your wonderful long comment, I just haven't replied to it yet! I don't let myself publish comments until I've commented back >.<

    Lol, I must be the only person at work who ISN'T loudly discussing my inevitable weightloss goal and making sure everyone sees me eating cruskits on my break. I like to keep my coworkers off-balance :p We will both get there, more definitely than those loud-mouthed bastards who make the same resolution and never keep it!

    Everyone knows cellphone cameras are shit! Don't believe them when they take a photo of you and stretch it out. Those cameras are CRAPPY LYING BASTARDS!!!

    Lol, we would totally have Anime-watching-marathon-nights at least once a week! OMG you look like Kagome? Really? That means you look like Kikyo too, and they were both pretty :p

    I have to learn to crochet now. My main beef with crochet is that a crochet thing takes nearly THREE TIMES AS MUCH YARN as the same thing if it was knitted. Such waste! Although it does make a denser (therefore warmer) fabric. Hmmm.

    I do need to talk things out with Miles. He said he feels like I have no affection for him, when I do. I just can't show it.

    Who is Liz Gilbert? Is she from a TV show?

    Do you have any other January Goals? Do share!

    Love you love you LOOOOVE YOU!



  15. Oh darling, Haze. Where did I go from you? I'm very sorry I haven't been round to support, to admire and to cherish you.

    You are doing so fantastically. You are a little light that burns bright and could very soon be floating off to show the world this radiance too.

    I love you too.

    Let me know how things are if you need to. I'm always here xxx

  16. My lovely lovely girl, this post reminds me of how much I have missed you and your lovely heart.
    I wish you the best in this new year!



It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.