Sunday, September 22, 2013

stay, stay, stay

There were once days when things seemed lighter, and me, braver. Lying in the fields at four in the afternoon alongside three of the most wonderful people in the planet, people I swore I wouldn't leave but I did. Girls who let me function in class, and in the whole world, and let me realize dreams, and appreciate poetry, and old songs, and me. Telling stories that were often nonsensical and full of self-made vocabulary and wild laughters and time that seemed to never end. But it did, eventually. The wishing flower seeds have flown, the mimosa leaves have slept, and little girls with orange skin and imaginary kitten whiskers have grown. 

I have changed and I wouldn't want to know how much more I am going to, since I cannot stop anyway. Can I ever? Stop time for even this time. All I really do want to do right now is be the best I can ever possibly be and laugh and Live, live, live. Fly, fly, fly.


  1. Somehow this makes me think of my high school life.

    As always, very poetically written, love reading your writing <3

  2. We will always change. Time will always flow. There will be lighter days and darker days. But we will keep on believing.
    Love x

  3. Life is change, stagnation is death.

    Hold on to the bits of yourself you like and take them with you. They will grow and mellow and enrich you and your life.

    Never lost, always with you.

    Love you Haze <3


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.