Monday, July 16, 2012

Currently reading ‘Kafka on the Shore’ by Haruki Murakami, had it downloaded to my phone by my brother from ebook (he can be really wonderful at times if he want to, you know — my brother) and now, most of my hours are spent lying on the futons and getting lost with this poor old man in his own little world, feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, and holding back tears (not from sadness, but by the simple realization that people can really be put in a situation where being helpless isn’t something you can or can’t choose, that sometimes it is the only thing you can be and you need to accept it and be positive instead, be tough, be strong and survive. I want to be like this old man, that despite his lack of education, he possesses many things many people don’t. That despite being poor, he is happy and contented. And despite being alone, he doesn’t feel lonely.


  1. Don't mind apologizing girl, we all feel down or moody and difficult from time to time.. or more often than others (in my case).. so it is just normal for someone so emotional to feel like that... I know you are always deeply in touch with your emotions.. and that's great.. a lot of people are so empty and "sense-less" when it comes to that. I like to experience loss, joy, depression or anger at its fullest.. I enjoy every feeling I get until I've dried it up.. that's also when I get the most creative.
    I'm dying to read something from haruki murakami, I've only read and saved on my computer tons of his quotes and lines from books but haven't bought one yet.. must get on that soon! Let me know if that one you're reading is fine to start with..
    take care!

  2. We studied Kafka on the Shore in the Modern Japanese Literature paper. So fscking cool! The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi is very good. So sad though. You have to understand a bit of the old culture to get the nuances though.

    We need to learn those lessons. I wish I could be happy. I don't survive because I'm strong, I survive because I'm a stubborn bitch who doesn't know when to give up. There is a difference.

    You're right, a knitting entelodont would be a bit much. I might settle for a traditional-western-style ball of yarn with "Knit fast, die warm" on scrollwork around it XD

    Does watching movies and knitting count as rest? So many socks to make, I'm a bit sick of knitting socks right now. I want to make lacy shawls and cabled mittens!

    Lets be antisocial together and sit in comfy chairs and read and drink tea and be pestered by Dralion.

    Love you so much. Mahal kita <3

  3. never apologize. i might leave for good, haze, leave blogger, but i do not feel home here anymore. i miss you, i miss you and the other girls who were just beautiful, fragile, kind, magic. this is becoming facebook. you are a shining star. forever. i miss you.

  4. Aw, you lovely girl, don't worry about it. We all have our roller coasters!

    Brothers can be so handy sometimes. :) (At the moment one of mine is petting my knee with his foot, so now would be one of the not-so-handy times. XD)

    I'd like to be like that old man too. Those lessons are excellent, but I fear they come only with time, once the foolishness of youth has passed.

    Love you! ♥

  5. This is so unbelievably beautiful, I lost my breath reading it. How lovely you are darling. I'm sorry I haven't commented in so long. I've been away, mentally I'm sure you understand. But I love this piece you wrote.


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