Thursday, May 24, 2012

but nothing is unbeautiful...

Over thinking.
And I guess you already know that I am sinking.
Ian held me a little too tight this afternoon, and I could barely breathe. I like the feeling of being breathless. Heart pounds heavily, beating 1000 times per minute whilst tiny blood vessels tighten, and there's heat all over despite the cold. Where do I exist now? Tell me I am not fading, because right now, I'm quite enjoying our existence. your existence.


Long trip tomorrow. Be right back on Sunday. Take care darlings!

x haze


  1. Sometimes a little too tight is what we need to feel that we are not alone. Glad you are enjoying the existence dear. Miss you and take care with the long trip.

  2. Tight hugs and warm hugs in general can make things better :) <3 Hope you enjoy the trip!

  3. Being breathless is sometimes good for it makes you value the time when you breathe like you've just entered this world.

    Love, Haze. Take care and happy journey. :)

  4. oh i"m so envious. What would I give to feel jed's tight warm embrace again? Now! But I'm glad you are enjoying your existence. Have fun wherever you are going. love you ganda!

  5. Hugs are the best things invented. Hihi. Have a safe trip!

  6. Take care of yourself, dear. Enjoy the trip :)

  7. miss you sweetie! have fun on your trip & come back with photos!!

    love, james

  8. I would love to be held too tightly. :) (By the right person, of course...)

    Safe travels, my dear! I've been very absent lately, but I'm happy to be back in your lovely world with your glimmering words. ♥

  9. Aww. You're so lucky to have someone who takes your breath away. Be back soon,sweetie! :)

  10. it must be nice to be loved by someone.
    enjoy your trip, dearest. x

  11. I can never find the comment box on your posts half the time. It makes me sad coz I want to comment and can't. Stupid blogger!

    Love you so very much. Look after yourself, coz you're one of the best people I know and I don't want to have to do without you!



It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.