Wednesday, February 01, 2012

a list of things:
faded memories and old photographs
promise ring given by a lover to another
my pocket notebook - i thought i've lost it forever
blueberry pancakes and strawberry milkshake, the taste of new tomorrows
walking barefoot, yearning for childhood and a past we never knew
peter pan - the first boy i fell in love with
crying because of too much emotions
all fragile things - your heart.
learning that some things are better left unsaid
knowing that i am loved.

good things last forever if we keep them in our hearts.
send me your lists, darlings. We'll find Mary and borrow the key to her secret garden.



  1. Blueberries. . . Nom! I discovered dried blueberries in November last year. I was craving fruit and fresh fruit was/is so expensive!

    Thank you for your comment :) It is hard to know what to say at times, I completely understand!

    Talking to people is hard sometimes. I've lost the ability to communicate with people in a non-customer-service-job way.

    Dolls? We'd be a pair of unique Lollipop Dolls. Limited edition, once-off, not for sale.
    (I have a few, but her shop near University shut down before I got the last 2 I wanted. Not cool!)

    Ah Peter Pan. I always wanted to run away and join the Lost Boys, coz they could fly.

    Lots and lots and lots of love to you <3

    1. Oh my, they are really lovely! I would love to have Felicity, except with a darker hair. Amelia would be nice too :)

      Yes, my mom brought blueberry pancakes last night and it was so delicious my heart just melted. OMGOMGOMG.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you endlessly.

      Peter Pan has always been my dream. He could he be locked up in a book? Love you too forever and ever and ever my sweet and funny and lovely PEridot.

  2. I'm always taken to some place safe and dreamy when I'm in your blog. I love the gentle rush of emotions. :)

    1. Thank you so much for this, Ms.C.. Means a lot.

  3. Peter Pan was one of my first loves too. Conceited boy that he is. :)

    Your list is wonderful: sweet and wistful and delicate. The last one is my favourite. ♥

    A few things that would be on my list are...
    -The warmth of my dearest friend's cheek as we hug goodbye.
    -The darling faces of cats and dogs.
    -Writing poetry on scraps of paper.


  4. Blueberry cakes- makes me remember my closest friends in Law School. We usually eat it together during break time.

    peter pan- makes me remember tinker bell..Hehee

    and the author of this blog- makes me more adore her. Nadadala ako sa gentleness ng pagsusulat mo. :)) Miss you Haze.

  5. This is such a lovely list with lovely feelings and thoughts and memories. It makes you feel happy and sad at the same time.
    Ah Peter Pan! He thought me how to fly and we flew together to a wild mountain top where he told stories about pirates and mermaids while the foxes of fire sang to the naked apple trees so that raindrops would find them again.
    I would share my list, if my poor soul felt a bit stronger but i'm afraid it will take some time until she does.

  6. Let me know Ganda pag nakita mo na si Mary ah. I'll be with you on the secret garden. Memories of love will last forever in our hearts no matter how we tried to forget them.

  7. Great list! Mine would have to include hugs, food, music (especially The Beatles), my iPod, my blog, Internet, BOOKS OMG THEY ARE MY LIFE... And you of course!
    Lol I have so much xD
    I have so much!

  8. I had to mention you on my blog, you'll see why.
    Words are powerful in the most unexpected ways, right? :)

  9. Oh, what can I tell you? Everything is perfect, at the moment. I could not possibly make a list, it would go on forever and ever. This post is so beautiful. I love it, I want to keep it in my pocket and read it again and again on rainy days. x

  10. now i want blue berry cheese cake.. love you ganda..

  11. Dear Haze, I only just stumbled upon your blog and immediately fell in love with it. (And I just had this urge to tell you ♥)
    Take care,

  12. Really nice post ^__^ so dreamyful and fem :) like a fantasy land when I read your blog ^__^

    J <3

  13. oh no, dear. even if you do lose me, it wont be forever. not if i could possibly help it.
    ive been busy, and without internet, so i havent really been able to write much.
    im very happy to hear that ive been missed =))

  14. Yup, a spinnig wheel like the ones in fairy tales. Except I can't turn straw into gold :p

    In the movie they called the witch 'Malificent', but I'm not sure I like it very much. I was thinking Odette, the Black Swan, because I want my crafting skills to be perfect and because I liked the Odette character in the book 'Black Swan' by Mercedes Lackey.

    I hope you had a good weekend, love.


  15. Your list is lovely :)

    I tagged you in something on my blog.

  16. Must admit that I love every single thing in your list. Especially fragile things.. oh and notebooks. Well again I just love everything. Your blog in the best dear Haze ♥


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.