Tuesday, February 07, 2012

We took the longer way home. It was your idea. You knew... or maybe you might have only guessed it right. But my mind desperately needed it, the walk, your hand, time, a moment to think - to be alone and be with someone at the same time, to feel the wind on my lashes, to be completely lost in an unfamiliar wonderland and be completely not (because you're with me. I'm with you. And it will always be enough).

+ + +

Just for today, darlings.
I am asking you to stay still.
Listen to what your hearts are telling you.
Stop asking for reasons.
Stop making excuses.
Cry when you have to cry.
Shout when you need to shout.
Laugh out loud.
Feel. Think. Eat. Pray. Love.
I love you. I love you.

Pick yourself up.

- haze


  1. This really brought a smile to my face, dear. You are always so lovely and your words simply brim with talent. You amaze me! xx

  2. Picking myself up- this is exactly what I'm doing now. You're so lucky to have someone who takes you out for a walk, holds your hands and makes you feel secure. Stay lovely,dear. :)

  3. This is why we love you so much haze, no matter what you always care for others and you never give up! yes, stay lovely stay beautiful!
    All my love!

  4. Norah, thank you so much! I always feel honored every time you visit my blog. <3

    Eprilis, I'm so blessed to have found my soulmate. Especially in times like this and he's here. Good lurx ganda.

    Loulou, oh this. I wish my thank you is enough to let you know how much your comment means to me. I love you too, L.

  5. aww, that's so sweet. :) and beautiful, your advice, I take them. thanks for always inspiring me.

  6. oh, i loved this so. check your (e-mail) inbox, hunnybun. i sent you a reply ♥

  7. This post made me want to take your hand so much...

  8. This is utterly lovely, darling Haze. x

  9. Aiza, ganda, salamat ha :) I'm feeling a bit low lately kaya makapagpost naman ng inspirasyon. Loveyou.

    Sgrmse., glad you liked it swan, thank you <3

    Hana Janke, and I would love to reach yours. Darling, maybe we can be strong for each other, or stay sad together forever.

  10. B, thank you. You made me smile :)
    <3 <3

  11. I will hold on to these words when there is nothing else left but the dark.


  12. I love taking the long way home, or at least I love that phrase. It implies such lingering loveliness. :)

    Oh, haze - your words are so beautiful... and they inspire me (which is pretty amazing considering nothing much inspires me these grey days). Love you, sweetie. ♥

  13. Peridot, then my friend, i hope you won't be able to use these words. I don't want to find you in the dark anymore. <3

    Melee, wah! thank you so much. i'm glad it lighten up your world for a little bit.

    I always go for short cuts, but i don't know. (IDK anymore.)

    I do, I do. Ha! Your username is so much fun. Thank you.

    Noura, thank you <3

  14. kung maka-emote ka naman wagas.. haha.. ginagaya lang kita.. Well, mukang madali lang gawin ang mga payo mo.. except sa stop making excuses.. I love making excuses pag ayoko gawin ang isang bagay.. hehe.. love you ganda kahit makulit ka.. haha...

  15. omg omg omg when and where can i hear you sing!?!!

    <3 you girl

  16. Mayen, haha! Ok lang girl, maka-wagas ka naman, kala mo walang tatalo sa posing mo. Hehe.. Joke lang. Tama na nga, baka mamaya sinusumpa mo na ko. Hehehe.. Luv you too :) At dun sa email mo sakin, buti naman napapasaya kita. That's what friends are fOr ♥

    Jamie, sing what babe? Omg. I'm lost in my own blog. <3 <3 <3
    ♥u tOo.

  17. Today has been a perfectly ugy mess of crying, complaining, and not enough laughter. Thank you for this encouragement. Your words convey a beautiful sense of calmness, kindness and understanding

  18. ah.. how come you write so beautiful, your life seems like a fairy tale

  19. Your blog is so beautiful and magical! =)


  20. This is simply beautiful. I cheer for the precious advices you gave<3


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.