Wednesday, November 02, 2011

there's no need to say them.

Truth is, I don't know what to say. There is something in my heart hidden between the folds and pieces only I cannot find it yet. All I know is that it's something beautiful and worth keeping.

"...she smiles in an exhausted but warm sort of way, as though she is a brilliant sun in some other galaxy" - The Time Traveler's Wife


  1. We do feel that sometimes. i love that movie, though it breaks my heart. :(

    Love your new layout. Make this one last. :))

  2. I miss you dearest Haze.. I know you're busy. Good luck to your upcoming board exam. I know you can make it dear. My boyfriend can't take the board, he was late for filing..

  3. i like the picture; its so much inspiring :)

  4. Love you <3

    It's raining toady so I can't see the moon :( Rain on the roof is so relaxing though, now that it's not leaking!

    Look after yourself and don't forget to have fun.


  5. i hope you know you are beautiful, my dear

  6. Miss `C, that movie takes my breath away! i watched it yesterday with ian (and i was afraid he'd find it cheesy [yeh, because that's my kind of thing hehe!] but he liked it too)

    yey! thanks! glad you loved the lay-out, ganda!

    Pearl, aww! that was my problem too last year. i wasn't able to file on time. anyways, hope we'll be RNs soon! and i so miss you too ganda!

    Pi, yes, i fell in love with it the moment i saw it. thank you, sweetheart!

    Peri, I love you too! Have you tried dancing in the rain? Let it embrace you, peri, and think of it as me.
    - no, YOU look after yourself and keep smiling!

    Ivy, My God, helen, you make me smile every time you leave a comment. Thank you!
    p.s. And so are you, sweetling!

  7. I also feel that way sometimes.

    I love that movie, watched it a couple of times. It makes me sad every time but still it's really a good film/book.

  8. I am glad that what is hidden is something beautiful and worth keeping.

    I love that movie. Until now, I am keeping a copy so I could watch it over and over again. It's so magical and romantic.

  9. Oh, dear, this is beautiful, so beautiful. Your blog header is also lovely; in fact, the whole blog looks lovely. x

  10. Oh, this is such a lovely post, haze! Everything about it is truly wonderful. (G. K. Chesterson was such a wise man.)
    And I am just adoring your new blog layout. <3

  11. Mayen, Oh, I couldn't agree more. ♥ And Rachelle is beautiful, one of my favorites! :)

    Sey, haha! Me too. We have lots of (pirated) copies of movies that we love. Adik lang. hehe

    Thea, wah! Thank you, darling!
    I thought the stars in the header don't compliment with the flowers in the background. Ohhhhh well :)

    Melee, yes, yes. That picture actually made me post something yesterday. :)
    Thank you, dear one! My blog lay-outs are often based with what mood i'm in. These days i feel bright :) So there you go... :)

  12. I always feel so excited when that happens~ (So much so that I almost don't want to know what it is, eheh.)
    I hope you are well. <3

  13. LOVE.
    OMG OMG OMG. I LOVE YOUR LAYOUT! This is my fave one! <3

  14. Lumina, and you don't like it to stop so as not to let go of the feeling, because if it does, it'll leave you empty and at zero point again. my goodness, i love you!

    Jodie-Ann, Waaah! Thank you babe! ♥♥♥

  15. BTW, how'd you get a Tumblr background? :O
    And is your email working? I completely forgot about it D;

  16. I love the way your little blog looks now ! <3
    I've missed you so much. I hope everything is going perfectly well for you, dear.
    And your words are as beautiful as always.

    All my love. xx

  17. Jodie, i found the picture on tumblr a few months back and re-sized it on paint so that it will occupy the whole background space :)

    oh and yes! my new email is fine now :) thank you!

    Lili, my sweet lili. Your comment made me smile. Everything is wonderful around me, and it's raining right now. I miss you too, I wish I could write to you but time has been a snob lately. I do hope you're okay. ♥ And also, thank you, love.

  18. Gorgeous looking blog, Miss!! Love the picture! Are you okay? I think you owe me an email. ;) Stay put.


  19. pls tell me the change of the design reflects your current mood now, pls!

    and you you you are the one who truly deserves rose scented times now..

    love you!

  20. Take your time finding it, love, and please do keep it safe, hold it close. You are beautiful. x

  21. don't rush it, let it find you, fight for you. naturally.

  22. I love the new layout, i think it's sweet =)
    ANd ah, I love that movie! Glad to hear that you are happy. Take care =)

  23. Love you too.

    Miss you too.

    Trying to get a routine, so I can put blogging in there *facepalm*


  24. Hey love, this is just a little note to let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you will find the wisdom you need and peace for the tumult of your mind and heart.
    I love you so much. ♥

  25. Let it come on on its own, naturally.
    No need to rush.


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.