Friday, January 16, 2015

To anyone who does not know me, I am a dreamer. I dream dreams and make them real inside my head. I carve stories and create a whole new world of magic, and poetry, and songs. Only once they are sung or told or shared, I forget them all directly. It is not so much of a terrible thing to forget, a dancing girl told me, and for once, I believed her (and then I forget). 

I am nostalgic. I long for a past I could never hold again, and each day I try to catch a breath, a new memory. I told you, if I could keep a shadow I would gladly keep yours. 

Picture above: 1) An old photograph of my mom, way back when she was still unmarried to my father. I'd like to think that she was with him, back when all the promises were real and a bond was still unbroken. 2) two of the most adorable little stuff animals I got from my mother. 3) Charm bracelet - my current favorite! Also from my mom last Christmas. 4) Heart necklace (broken) and a gold ring (both antique), my grandmother's. Before she died, she gave them to me.

I am a keeper of things. I wish I could sew millions of pockets in my heart and hide them all inside it.

My sweethearts, I wish you well.

P.S. Tomorrow night, I am to go to the city, with my mom and my ever so darling Yan, to see the Pope. I cannot wait any longer! 


  1. Hi Haze, you're just like my dad. He keeps almost everything. My grandmothers' necklace, photographs, and all other things.. hahah. Hey, if one day I come to Philippine, would you show me around? :D I don't know when yet, but I really want to travel to another country. I want to see Philippine :D Eh, you're from Philippine, right? It's nice to have friends from another country you know.. ^_^

    1. Oh I am your friend now! The thought makes me happy :) I would love to go around with you, I think it would be nice, but I don't know if I can ever make it. I love you, oh, please don't think that I don't.

  2. It is good to know you are still around my friend! I'm the same, keeping everything and never letting go, it gets heavy sometimes.


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.