Friday, November 02, 2012

What Makes My Heart Smile

Hello darlings!:)♥
I remember two years ago, when I started blogging, I have a lot of going on's in my blog. Heavenly Thursdays, Hello Mondays, Simple Reminders, Happiness Lists. I have been thinking about this post for awhile, and thought, why not? I'm sorry if I gave you such a hard time dealing with me, and I want to thank you all for staying. The curse that Time has cast upon me made me forget about the things that are really important and worthwhile. I want to let go now, I want to sail, sail, sail away from this depression. I am trying, and will continue no matter how many times I swim back and fall.

Here are the things that make my heart happy:
♥Watching: My Sassy Girl
♥Chocolate Brownies
♥Music Boxes 
♥Little conversations with Soulmate 
♥Secret gardens 
♥Finding lost objects accidentally 
♥Mr. Bean. Rowan Atkinson is simply the best-est thing ever! mohoho! 
♥Writing letters 

Have a happy November, dears.
xx Moon


  1. Thank you so much for reminding me of Rowan Atkinson! That man is a genius. He can make generations smile and make people who don't share a language crack up without speaking a single word. Pure. Talent.

    Writing lists of things that make you happy is a good idea. I'll have to borrow it. You don't mind, do you?

    I'm so happy you liked my costume! All it really needs to be complete now is a big pirate hat. Time to go second-hand shopping!

    Sending you tons of love and many hugs <3

  2. I've always admired your perseverance & your words. :)

    Love secret gardens & letter writing, too :)

    Happy November <3

  3. Hello my darling haze. :) Your list of happy things is lovely. I hope someday your strong ship sails you far away to an exotic land where the sunny days far outweigh those with grey skies. Love you. ♥


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.