Sunday, October 28, 2012

if you want me like you tell me.

Things! Things!
  • I'm so so in love! 
  • I'm learning how to play the song "Marry Me" by Train and all I'm getting are callouses, and guilt for not learning fast enough. Little sister have been patient, though, she is my teacher now :)
  • I'm currently reading "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. I'm recommending it to everyone, to all of you charmers, please. I'm obsessing over her beautiful blog here, nearly died when I found it. The css is amazing!
  • My heart is singing. 
  • Do you believe in time travel? Post your answers here 

  • Advance Happy Halloween, everyone! Stay safe <3



    1. It is very much so, she's my heart.

      What will you be doing for Halloween, sweetie?


      1. Then you must be very lucky, my dear.

        Halloween will be spent watching films, I'm thinking about Lord of The Rings again, and maybe Harry Potter! Haha. I'm so excited!

    2. if only the world around us was only a bit more like you, filled with a little more of your fragile kidn and beautiful would be without winter.


      1. I'm so touched! My heart is melting, Lou, you are beautiful and I love you so.

    3. I really love it when anyone post things in the form of lists. Lists are one of my favorite things in the world. Today is indeed lovely.i feel like telling everyone I know that how much they mean to me. You are first.

    4. Ok you SO have to play for us! Wow, you sound like you're a billion times better than my brother already. He played bass guitar, SO BORING TO LISTEN TO BY ITSELF!

      You should post your translation. You can always put a not at the bottom asking for constructive critiques if you're worried about mistakes. If you don't make mistakes, you never learn anything cool!

      I'm trying to go to bed earlier to sleep more, I promise.

      That post was trying to describe how I feel right now. I got pissed off that I missed the first good thunderstorm of summer by being at work and it popped in to my head that it was the perfect metaphor for my head right now. Staring at the bright stuff trying to ignore the bad stuff that's creeping up on me.

      Love you to bits! I can't wait to see your translation and hear you play ;)

    5. I am here aftr soooooooooo long :) missed u btful angel..n i feel all lyk m in wondr land again..u li'l cute fairy..m sure gonna read this book :)

    6. It's been ages Haze since I visited my blog and yours too. I miss you ganda. I love the song Marry Me please play that song for me. Hinde kalang maganda at matalino talented pa.. Merry Christmas.


    It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.