Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I used to write little messages onto pieces of paper and put them secretly into people's things. My best friend's locker, my brother's notebook, mom's drawer. And now, I only write to you. For you. Only you. (Only I don't have the guts to send them - yet.)


  1. This is so sweet. I should try leaving secret notes for my loved ones.

  2. what a lovely lovely idea...and so totally YOU, Haze..

  3. So, so sweet!...I'm not too surprised though because you are a very sweet person. :) :)

    Lovely idea <3

  4. aww.. sweet! secret crush ba ito? hehe..

  5. Aww, I l o v e that idea! But I must agree with everyone - it seems like such a haze thing to do! It's so sweet! :)
    I used to write notes all the time for someone who would never read them. There's something beautiful and tragic about things never read by the person they were written for...

  6. You have always been so sweet.

    This could be so very happy, or terribly sad.

    Love x

  7. Ah~ I used to do the same thing, too. I still do, though, only to you know who. <3 And I have the guts to send it to him.

    You should, too, lovely Haze ! You will feel a lot better. <3

    I love you !

  8. That is ADORABLE!

    Just like you :D

    I used to leave Operation Beautiful messages around the University. Where will I put them now?

    Love you so much <3

  9. so cute.. parang gnun din ata ako dati nung high school ako.hehee

    miss you haze.

  10. aww, you're sweet as a pear juice drop. you remind me of my friend.

    that you is lucky.

  11. BK, thank you! And you should. If only I could bring back time, I would write more (just for the sake of being remembered and my love for them to be felt)

    Jia Lu, thank you :)

    Loulou, Jade, Sher, thank you :) you all made me smile. Hugs***

    Leah, haha! it's for my soulmate. though sometimes, i write li'l poems for a secret someone. :)

    Purple Mist, aw! :)

    Melee, so true. Sometimes I write letters but never tried to send them. Specially when the content is sad and I know that person will get hurt too. You know, just to get the feeling out of your chest...
    And thank you! I was that kind of kid in high school. hehe. I changed, though. I think. ♥

    Mhairi, sending letters make me happy :) keeping them for myself somehow saves a part of me. i love you!

    Lili, oh! you are the loveliest! yes, i wrote little notes and pasted them on his wall. (there are some, though, that I keep for myself. haha!)
    And i love you too!

    M Violeta, no. thank YOU for being here :)

    Peridot, Operation Beautiful messages sounds lovely! Well, you can always put them on your mirror or wall :) Thank you, Peri. you made me smile. Love you tooooo sooo damn much!

    Pearl, hehe. oo, uso ang love notes pag high school. i miss high school. and i miss you too!!!

    Miss `C, aw! thank you for making me smile!


  12. This made me smile.
    I love your heart.


  13. awww.. makes me want to write letters too. thanks for inspiring. :)

  14. Take the first leap of courage ~
    : D Oh Haze ~ ! ! iMiss reading your blog.
    Its like home sweet home coming back ~ ! !

  15. HAZE! ive missed you :) that's such a sweet idea and i've done it a couple of times but the notes didn't look as lovely as yours! your blog is amazing, sorry i haven't been around as much lately
    happy thanksgiving :)


  16. Cute. I will try it sometime :)

  17. aww, that is such a cute idea! what a wonderful way to make someone's day! love you, girl

    x jamie

  18. Tywo, oh you! i love you!

    Mayen, :) :) :)

    iZaynab, and i'v missed you too! thank you sweetling!

    Sam, happy thanksgiving honey. if only we live in the same place, i'd exchange letters for you every other day.

    Sh@q, you should! thanks ♥

    Jodie, mwuuuah!

    Jamie, love yah too sweet lady!

  19. Why ever not? Someday, this person will be beaming like the moon over them!


It feels like my heart has been bewitched by you and is keeping track of time on it's own.